X plus one hybrid drone offers stable hovering and top speeds of 60mph

The ‘X plus one’ hybrid drone from xcraft, combines the ability for both stabilized hovering and fast forward flight where a top speed of 60mph can be achieved. using control algorithms, the 2.8 lbs weighing device offers precision and balanced poise even in windy conditions, making tight takeoffs, landings and video shooting easier for the user. this aerial camera quadcopter sizing 35.5 x 19 x 14 inches, features multiple mounting options for GoPros and an optional gimbal platform which helps render smooth motion pictures.

With its patent pending design that takes its cruise mode to speeds of around 60mph, the ‘X plus one’ solves the problem created when following a fast subject or when a dynamic flyby is needed. even with all this power, the drone is easy to fly thanks to its stabilized safety features, but does include an auto recovery switch that puts the craft into auto-level hover if any troubles occur. offering flight times of 10-15 minutes, the quadcopter is seeking funding to bring the ‘X plus one’ to the market, via its kickstarter campaign.

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