X PlusOneA Quadcopter Plus a Flying Wing

A Drone Redefined
Drones seem to be everywhere. The problem is, most of them are multi-rotors that excel at one thing: hovering. Hovering solves one side of the problem, but when shooting a fast subject, you need speed. Without compromising precision hovering capabilities, we have created something so fast and stable that it broke the 100 km/h barrier. Enter the X PlusOne.

At its core the X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid.  It combines multi-rotor capabilities with high speed flight from its fixed wing. The X PlusOne feels right at home hovering with the multi-rotors or skimming the treetops at blistering speeds!

Easy to Fly
From its inception the X PlusOne was designed with the average operator in mind. If you can fly a multi-rotor or an RC airplane, you can fly the X PlusOne. The craft self-stabilizes in both hover and forward flight modes. Transitioning between the two is a matter of simply flipping one switch. Our on-board computer and sensors manage the details.In addition to flying around and looking great, the X PlusOne is capable of carrying an array of filming apparatuses. From a simple mini DV camera to the ever-popular GoPro. Our optional stabilizing gimbal platform renders silky smooth video. Imagine what you could do with the X PlusOne!

How it Works
The X PlusOne can take off, hover, and land like a traditional multi-rotor, but that's where the similarities stop. The key differentiator is this: In place of the quadcopter frame is an upward facing wing. This allows the X PlusOne to pitch over 90 degrees and fly nose-first at over 60 mph (100 km/h), twice as fast as a traditional quadcopter! Flight control is handled by varying motor speed to provide pitch, roll, and yaw control, even in forward flight mode. There are no traditional flight control surfaces on the X PlusOne. Thereby saving weight and complexity and ensuring the overall design remains clean and efficient.

The X PlusOne is a Pro when it comes to precision stabilized hover. We designed the control algorithms so the craft remains rock solid, even in windy conditions.

Speed isn't normally associated with most of the drones out there. We've changed that!  Ever heard of a multi-rotor taking great aerial shots at 100 km/h? Well, now you have!