Frequently Asked Questions

Because our drone design combines a flying wing and VTOL capabilities, we had a lot of interest when launching this product. Here are some frequently asked questions:


  • How is the X PlusOne different from any other drone?
    The main difference between the X PlusOne and any other drone is the ability to both hover and fly fast efficiently.

    The focus on speed and efficiency during forward flight is also the key difference between the X PlusOne and similar hybrid VTOL concepts (Quadshot, Google Project Wing, etc).


  • How much weight will it carry (payload)?
    The maximum payload capacity is one pound.


  • What is the range/how far away can you fly?
    We use a full-range 2.4 GHz radio system in the X PlusOne. The range of the system is greater than 1 mile (1.6 km) but we wouldn't recommend flying that far away. Current US rules require that you fly your craft within line of sight and no higher than 400 feet.


  • Can it fly in the wind?
    Yes. The X PlusOne has been tested in winds up to 30 mph and it performs well. Of course, the operator needs to be aware of the tendency for the craft to float downwind but the self-stabilizing feature holds well in high winds. The wing actually generates some additional lift during hover in the wind.


  • What is it made out of?
    The airframe is carbon fiber reinforced molded EPO foam. We chose EPO because of it's high resiliency and smooth surface finish.


  • What flight controller does it use?
    The X PlusOne uses an Arduino-based control board with custom software.


  • Is it autonomous/ have "follow-me"/ aerial mapping functions?
    Yes! An autonomous option is available: the X PlusOne Ai. "Follow-Me" and all autonomous functions are available with this option. To receive the X PlusOne Ai, just choose your add-on reward (there are two) and increase your pledge by the appropriate amount.


  • How long will it fly on a battery charge?
    The X PlusOne will fly 12-22 minutes on a charge but a lot depends on how you're flying. Flying fast the entire time will drain the battery quicker. Battery packs are simple to swap and we will offer additional packs to all of our backers.


  • How do I order multiple X PlusOne packages?
    Select the appropriate reward level and multiply the amount (including shipping) by the number of X PlusOne packages you'd like.